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Web development and promotion of The Web Service for housing and job search for EU students in the USA.

Client: Compass LLC
Categories: Promoción
Start date: 02 March 2015
Finish date: 07 August 2018


We had a very interesting goal: to create a web service that helps students from the European Union and Russia to find work and housing in the United States of America.

The web service must be efficient and convenient to use with any device: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.


We start from the brand and the identity. And then he developed a website with a huge database of jobs and housing listings in the most popular states for students in the country. It was very difficult to work with such large and different databases.

After that, when the website was listed and students started finding housing and jobs, we did a monitoring program for landlords and employers who posted ads.

It was a very close job with the client.

We can say that she became a member of our team 😉

When the project began to contribute money to the investor, we launched a large advertising campaign on social networks and search engines. Video created for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

It was a very big and interesting project!

The main result is thousands of students who found work and housing in the United States.

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